Not a prolapsed vent..but what is this


10 Years
Jan 9, 2010
This morning, my year-old Silver Laced Wyandotte (Jessica) had something dangling from her vent. I was concerned about a prolapsed vent, but no - no redness, no swelling, no noticeable issue - just this string. I pulled it gently out, it is almost like the membrane between the shell and the egg - it has that kind of papery tough texture to it. It was rolled up, I unrolled and flattened for the picture. She is acting normally, running about with the flock and eating. I palpated her abdomen carefully to see if I could feel for an egg which has not laid, but everything feels the way I would expect (Jessica was not too happy about the impromptu massage)

Should I be worried?

To me it looks like worms but I need more info-- like does she eat a lot but is losing weight or stays the same weight? If so she has worms and need to go to the vet. But otherwise I'm not sure, she could have internal injuries.
I hope I helped you.
I thought I seen on someone's post one time about chickens lose layers of their stomach lining. Kinda like shedding or moulting, but internally instead.
I went to that site. I looked around and read it all . If my chikens lay something like that I think I would have a hard time eating their normal eggs ! I am scared tocrack open an egg now.

Now Penny's surgery page, rea that , found that utterly fascinating ! I would have loved to seen that surgery !
Thanks guys - it looked exactly like a couple of those pictures. I have someone who lays the occasional egg without a shell, and that's exactly what this looked like, but without the egg part. I'll calm down <g>.

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