NOT an emergency. 12 day old EE has "hernia" look since hatching


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we are the proud new 'parents' of 5 black australorps and 3 EE's. the feed store clerk gave us one of the EE's free because she has what looks like a 'hernia' and told us not to expect her to make it. she eats, drinks, poops, runs, jumps and tries to fly just like the others and she is the largest of them all. we put them in their new house but have a 2' by 4' brooding pen blocked off and of course a brooder lamp. the house is 8' by 8' and 8' tall. we have drop down nesting boxes for cleaning and an 8' roosting board when they grow up. we are as prepared as one can be for her potential passing, but even if she won't lay when older we will take care of her as if she were.
hopefully i am doing the picture post right.



first pic is 13 day old EE's "hernia". second is side view, 3rd the middle one is the EE. hope this helps.
I wouldn't be to concerned about it as long as she is eating, drinking, pooping and acting normal. It doesn't seem to be bothering her. I would just watch and see what happens.

Goodluck with your new babies. Sounds like they are in very good hands.....

edited to say: that your pics look like a couple of my babies belly after they were born and didn't absorb the yolk all the way. So maybe it has something to do with that.
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I too wouldn't worry about that. Let her grow and see how it turns out. If it is in the lower abdomen, I doubt it will affect her egg laying, as her machinery is up just inside her back from the top. Best of luck with the little guys! They look "fat and happy".

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