Not an emergency just a health question...


Jun 16, 2014
Montreal, QC, Canada
I am doing an assembly on factory farming next year for my school. I had an idea to bring in one of my girls to show them exactly what- i mean who they are eating. Would it be unhealthy for my girl? she loves people so that wouldn't be an issue, would it be bad for her health to go somewhere?


In the Brooder
Mar 31, 2015
From what you said it seems like she would be alright. However, since she probably hasn't built up an immunity to all the particular microscopic nasties that live in the soil in that are at your school, you should probably avoid letting her out to scratch and peck in the dirt. In theory she could catch something, its a veryyyyy slim chance but it is technically possible. Also, bring a buddy for her to hang out with. Chickens are social animals and having a buddy makes them less stressed out which is always helpful.

Good luck and have fun!

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