NOT an emergency - Questions about bloat

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    Jun 3, 2011
    I've searched all over and cant seem to find much on it. I'm aware that cattle and sheep can get bloat from eating too much legumes.
    I was considering growing a large pasture of nothing but clover for Muscovy ducks, Guinea hens, and Rabbits to forage on. Would any of these animals get bloat living in a clover field? If so, what kind of Short growing grass can I grow along with clover that would help balance the diet out? I don't want the pasture to be too long because It would make good cover for predators to sneak in and eat my smaller animals. Grass would also have to be ok in a north eastern area. 70-83 F summers, -10F winters on some days, approx 50 inches of rain a year. Really learned a lot from this site so far, some things I just cant find though. Any help would be appreciated.

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