Not an Emergency Yet, ? about possibly ODing chicken on wormer Meds.


11 Years
Dec 27, 2008
Ok I used Safe-Guard wormer on my chickens today, I did it the same way I did it before just a pea sized dose for each one, I just dose it out on a little plastic knife and let them each eat it off the knife, but Blossom my smallest girl and one of the oldest (3yrs old) in the pen jumped up and stole someone elses dose before I could move it away from her. Will this hurt her?? And what should I watch for and what should I do if she starts acting sick?? Sorry just don't want to wait til she gets sick before finding out what to do. Thanks for your responses. Sandy
I guess she is going to be ok, shes not acting sick so...... I was really worried about her. I guess she is stronger than I thought.

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