Not bumblefoot but hen cannot walk/no control over one leg now


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May 11, 2009
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I know this sounds bad but stuff happens so often it seems I am starting to feel less frantic and more numb.

Soo in my latest saga with polish chicks. I started with 6 and i am down to 2. They are almost a year old now. Another one has something wrong. They were fine. Super fine hyper even the night before. In the morning it was dragging its foot. Like walking on its leg with the foot folded and useless . It doesn't seem broken though but I am treating it as such but it just keeps getting worse and now it can't stand at all. I am now thinking maybe snake or spider. Its awful cold for that I think but I know something got in and ate an egg so maybe there is still a snake looking for a list minute snack.

Any ideas? Antibiotics do anything at this point? It has a nice cushy bed and is comfy it seems. Doesn't even seem to be in pain. Just seems to be losing control or strength. I think I am going to lose another one. I checked for bumble foot. Nothing. No swelling really but tonight the foot and leg are hot. It is too weak or just unable to walk now. I really could use some advise on what to do next.
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read the posts on vitamin deficiency B12 and E. Seems if they are low on these vitamins they have trouble walking. I have a hen , now 18 months old with the same problem. She seems fine , but can't walk. I have been giving her B vitamins and started her on Vit. E yesterday. Good luck to you
Just to update this. The hen took it easy yesterday. I splinted her again and a bit differently today and she is walking on the leg. It seems she somehow broke her foot. I personally think somehow the geese are to blame. They always seem to be at the heart of every injury as of late.

I used the wide popsicle sticks, cut it short and then bent it into an L shape. then wrapped it in gauze and medical tape.( did not want to rub sores on her legs so tried to pad everything sufficiently) The short part of the L is under the foot sitting right on the ball and the tall part goes up the leg a bit. We attached it with more gauze and wrapped in more medical tape. She is hobbling a little but can actually run now. I think not being able to walk at all before might have been due to pain. We go out several times a day to make sure she is getting to the water and food and has not done any more damage to herself.

No clue how long I have to keep her splinted though. I guess i should start producing mini replacement splints.

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