Not coming in for the night


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Sep 23, 2020
Hello, this is my first winter with my 15 ducks, couple Pekin, khaki Campbell, random mix of breeds. They have a duck house about 50 yard from our pond. I let them out in the morning and they usually come in at night. The last 4-5 days they have not been coming into the duck house. I have food, good fresh bedding, and fresh water every night for them. I can’t seem to coax them in from the off the pond, I’ve tried mealworms and making a trail of feed to the duck house. Nothing works. I don’t mind them being out there all day and night most of the time because I know they’re safe on the pond, however it’s been in the low 30s and high 20s lately and I think that’s just too cold. They’ve gone in and out of the house every night without a hitch since I got them in may of this year. What could the problem be and how do you recommend I handle the situation?

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