Not enough seats in the U-Haul... need advice!


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
Wenatchee, WA
Okay, here's the situation. My 94 year old grandmother is finally moving into an assisted living complex and is selling her house. We live in WA, she in CA. My mom wants to go down and get some of her nice furniture(piano, dining table, hutch, beds) and take me and my 2 kids for a visit (7 year old, 8 month old). The original plan was to fly down and drive a U-haul back, but then we counted heads and seatbelts and that won't work the way we wanted. Any ideas? Thanks!
Leave the kids with hubby for some daddy time and take a "vacation" with your mom to go get the stuff.
This is a problem that can be solved by the proper application of duct tape.

On a serious note, have you considered renting a truck and trailer setup instead?
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We want to take the kids so that they can meet great-grandma, and also to let the 7 year old see the Golden Gate bridge, Redwoods, ocean, etc. My mom suggested that I could drive the Uhaul back alone with the kids and she could fly back. I'm open to that.

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