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    Hello folks,

    Where to start.

    I have been wanting chicken for a long time for their eggs. I finally built a coop and we purchased two 8 week old Barred Rocks pullets. A week later one of the Rocks eyes started to bubble; so after hours of reseach and asking the fine folks on this site; we determined the bird has a respiritory infection. We isolated her and began treating her and the other with antibiotics.

    The next day we purchased two 6 week old Wyandotte pullets and immediately noticed the one Rock left in the coop began pecking the other two. From what I have read this is natural and it is the way chickens establish their place in the flock. Within a day the pecking practically stopped; perhaps an occasional peck to reenforce the Rocks place of dominance.

    Last night, we got two Australorp chicks which we are housing in our garage under a heat lamp. We also got a 6 week old Turken (what a cool/ugly bird), we snuck her into the coop late last night but almost immediately she was noticed and pecked on by the Rock. This morning I moved everyone down to the run and now the Rock AND the two Wyandottes are pecking at the Turken. How long does the behavior last and when do I need to intervene. I know to some extent nature needs to take its course. I am currently watching everyone and hoping nobody draws blood.

    An other issue, yesterday afternoon the two Wyandottes appeared to be "sparring" with each other. Is this type of behavior witnessed in pullets or is this the behavior of Roos to be...?

    I am beginning to wonder if I have gotten myself in too deep too quick????


    1. Sick chicken - I think we are on the right track with her.

    2. Bullying of my Turken - Will they start to get along? When should I intervene?

    3. The Turken keeps her distance from the others; if this goes long term will there be negative results from the isolation?

    4. Sparring Wyandotte - I this normal for pullets or did they slip in a couple of Roos on me?

    I'll take any and all advice. Thank you.
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    1. I've never had a sick chicken, just be aware that chicken can infect the others. You have to make that call.

    2. Chickens will naturally pick on anything different. It should even out over time and they should get along. Another way to help it along is to get another turken, so there are 2 of them. It's always easier integrating more than 1 chick. Although at 6 and 8 weeks, I've never had any issues sticking chicks together.

    3. The turken may fit in eventually, or she may end up a loner. Hard to say. I have some that have fit in, and a couple that prefer to be by themselves. It's an individual thing.

    4. Both sexes will spar, it's their way of establishing dominance. If you are concerned about their sexes, post photos and we can tell you.
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    first i have read here that you should isolate any new addition to you flock for 30 days to prevent the spread of diseases any may have come with. Also have heard that when you begin to introdue them to the rest of the flock keep something dividing them for a few days, like a make shift chicken wire fence, so they can see each other, but no pecking, just like you would do if you got another cat, you have to introdue them slowly or all hell breaks loose.

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