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11 Years
Aug 6, 2008
Chuluota, FL
I was enjoying the beautiful weather yesterday and working with my horse because I was preparing for in hand classes. I was out in the arena and I was jogging beside him and my ankle rolled causing me to sprain my knee. I hope it is only a bad sprain and there is no ligaments torn. I also just started a job 3 weeks ago and I hope I can go on Monday. Jusy when I thought my family was getting out of our financial issues this has to happen.

I have insurance but the deductable is very high.
There is never a good time for bad things to happen. I hope you heal swiftly and everything works out.
Make sure your crutches are set right
I've actually worn two pairs of crutches out so far, I'm on my third. You don't want to have the under arm part against your armpits - they should be a couple inches lower. They aren't for support, you should be using your hands to support. When you stand straight up, the hand piece should be right at your wrists.

Ice your knee until the swelling goes down, and then start passive motion exercises (bending it and straightening it when you're in bed). Start doing lifts - sit on the edge of the bed or a high chair - and straighten your leg out from bent. After a bit, stand behind a chair and hold on and do mild squats, only a few at a time. Take ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) to help the inflammation and swelling. You can take up to 800mg 4 times a day.

If it helps, and you're good at wrapping, use an ace for support (I like the 6" wide ones, not the smaller width ones), and wrap in a figure 8 fashion, like you would wrap a hock. I've had to have my knee wrapped since pretty much July (surgery and wound issues, I can't have tape, so I have to wrap it to keep the dressings on). If you wrap it right, it will stay put.

Pretty much that's what you'll be told if you go in. If you tore ligaments (and I have - my last surgery was to do tendon grafting to replace them), you'll know it since your knee just won't work right (mine would "separate" and my lower leg would drag when I tried to walk).

Also, it doesn't hurt to slap some liniment on there too. I still love the smell of Vetrolin
I also love the smell of vetrolin. Thank you for the advice. I was given hydrocodone for pain but i do not feel like I need to take it. I also was fortunate that I found a pair of crutches at Goodwill for only $6 and brand new they are about $41.
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I think hydrocodone is handed out like candy
I hate the stuff, but they looooooove to prescribe it. I think I have 5 bottles of it now. I'll probably combine and haul them to the pharmacy to get rid of soon.
Yikes! That's no fun for sure. I feel your pain on the high deductible. Ours is $2,500 for family coverage. LOL I laugh because its so insane there is nothing else to do. We haven't used it at all this year, because it will all be out of pocket, there's no way we'll use that much.

It's always amazed me how easily people are given pain killers. When I had my son, they kept asking me if I wanted pain killers. Well, no. I want to be awake and thanks. They were amazed when I told them to just bring me a coke and some Ibuprofen,lol. As little as needed, the better.

Rest, keep your leg up and feel better!

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