NOT Gape worms share your knowledge please

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Dee Dee 2

7 Years
Jun 8, 2012
Tomball, Tx.
Have a young J.G. hen (I think ~ hatched end of April).. Has MOST of the symptoms of gape worms. Sits eyes closed, stretches neck, opens mouth, slowly brings head back to 'normal'. DOES NOT HAVE coughing, sneezing, head shaking, gurgling, nasal discharge, oder from mouth, her poop looks better than most of the other hens and almost not bad oder. Gave her a touch more than the "normal" dose of ivermectin. Did fecal float ~ nothing. (This was after the ivermectin so I guess if there was anyting it killed it.) Saturday she was eating and drinking. Stopped on Sun. Have given a dose of penicillin ~ all I had T.S. closed. Have been trying to keep hydrated with electrolyte water with a little sugar added. No mites ~ feathers look good. If ANYONE has ANY ideas ~ treatment PLEASE SHARE ! I'm at wits end.
Is she too hot? They pant with mouth open and hold their wings a bit away from their body when they are.
Could be symptoms that she is getting ready to lay her first egg or what Flockwatcher stated.
Everytime a chicken shakes its head, opens its mouth or stretches its neck, everyone assumes it's gapeworms. Gapeworms are rare in chickens.
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