Not going in the coop at night

Liz B

Aug 15, 2015
I have 2 silkies, 4 black australorps and, a barred plymouth rock. Last week my Silkie Lucy got picked on by the big chickens and a whole patch on her back was missing feathers and bleeding. She is fine now but we seperated them so that the little ones are together and away from the big ones. The problem is however, ever since we moved the small ones out, who are older than the big ones, they big ones will not go into the coop at night. But if we put the silkies back they will just get picked on again. I do not know if they wont go back in because we moved the older girls out or what...


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Jul 16, 2015
They are probably spooked a bit because some are missing, keep shagging them into the coop until they go in without you making them.

I always recommend keeping bantam and large fowl separate exactly for the reason you experienced, the bantam get picked on, bullied and often hurt like your girl did, so I would keep them in separate coops, they could still range in the same area though, the silkies will go back to their own area when things get rough.

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