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  1. Jmiller820

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    May 17, 2014
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    So one of my hens finally started laying!! She is the first of 5. However, she keeps laying under the dropping board instead of in the nesting boxes. I have golf balls in the boxes but she doesn't seem to care. What should I do to have her transition into the boxes?
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  2. Judy

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    Lots of stuff happens when they are new to laying that will straighten out in time. If you can, when she is about to lay, grab her and place her in the nest. If you can pull that off, you may not need to do it again, or more than a couple of times.
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    May 18, 2013
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    My one hen laid her first egg on the floor of the coop, at the far end, in front of a screened window...... 45 eggs later, she is still laying there... 3 other hens ALWAYS laid in the nest boxes... still do.... I think she thinks, she needs to watch the run, and her pals, while on the nest...
    She sits in front of the screen window on the left... Has a real matronly view of the herd....


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