not laying or missing eggs?


7 Years
May 21, 2012
I have 2 RIR. One started laying about 4 weeks ago and once she started she has layed an egg every day in the nest boxes. The other RIR is the same age but just started laying. I found an egg in the next boxes and but then she didn't lay a egg for 2 days. On the third day I locked the coop so she wouldn't be able to run the yard and she laid an egg. Is it common when chickens start laying that they might miss 2 or 3 days? This is my first batch of chicken and not sure what is the norm. Trying to figure out if she is laying the eggs somewere else and not in the nest boxes. (have looked around and didn't see any, but could be the dogs are eating them). I also have two Amercaunas that are 25 weeks old and haven't started laying, but I heard it takes them longer to mature. Any idea how old they normally are when they start?
This being Autumn, with shorter days, laying gets off to a very slow start with pullets, and yes, it is common for them to be a bit erratic at first.

I simply do not allow Easter egg hunts. No way. I keep POL pullets in the coop for the first week or two, and then the run for another week or two. I need them to "own" the nests I have provided. They cannot read my mind. A hidden nest somewhere is something they might easily choose if I did not take this precaution. Once they own the nest I have given them, as their own, I watch them closely. Free ranging only takes place in the later afternoon and evening. When I am 100% confident, then, they can be trusted a bit. But.... I still count eggs and keep a keen eye on their behaviors.

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