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Oct 26, 2012
My Chocolate Bantam Orp, of Greenfire lineage, is 7 months old on the 26th & still not laying. She is clearly a pullet but her comb & waddles are just now developing & her voice hasn't really changed yet. Is this unusual? My LF Buffs have been laying for over 2 months & they are 8 days older. She is beautiful, very english type, well feathered, looks like a little feather ball, and very healthy & active. Just not laying. Wondered if anyone else has run into this. PLund
She does get calcium, all girls eat the same & my Buffs shells are very hard. The laying isn't a big deal but she still peeps & has very underdeveloped waddles & comb. My Buffs were clucking long before they started to lay. Thanks for the response, like I said, laying doesn't matter & she is bright & healthy so that is what matters. She is actually on the floor next to me now, she lives alone, in her own coop & run & we had a terrible spell of rain, wind & thunder & it scared her so I brought her in with me. She is quite pleased with herself.
I bet they will start laying real soon.
She is precious but might be a little spoiled, in again today as we are having a terrible fit of weather on the Northern Oregon Coast, raining & blowing like December. My buffs seem to be handling it pretty well, I am a nervous wreck w/worry. Her name by the way is Fudge. Found a darling little brass plaque for her coop on Etsy under chicken stuff, says Fudge's House with a little Orp hen underneath. Thanks for your comments. PCL

AK Baha, I just noticed you are from our northern neighbor, you have Orps? so apparently they do well there. I have read that the snow isn't as bad for them as the rain & my girls are just drippy & the wind is just terrible, probably gusting 35-50 mph, blows right through their feathers. How do your girls hold up? P
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