not much difference between layers and all purpose

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    I was checking out the Orschelns feed and noticed that there was not much difference between the all purpose poultry feed and layers. I have 5 wk olds mixed in with my layers (they all free range all day too) I have been mixing the two feeds so that they all get what they need. I also noticed the chicks eating the oyster shells. Isn't that bad for them? Is this okay? Will be checking with the coop tomorrow ( for one feed for all ages and duckies) and buying from them maybe since Orschelns no longer have the reward program.
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    I read somewhere that layer feed is not good for chicks because the high calcium content can damage their kidneys. I'm not sure if the chicks are safe at the 5 week mark. Maybe someone with some more experience can comment. I would be cautious about the oyster shell as well until you get a firm answer on the calcium question.
  3. ScoobyRoo

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    I put the oyster shells in the coop (out of reach of the llittle ones) for the layers. I also remember reading about the 'too much' calcium for the little chickies. I just want to find an all purpose feed for the little duckies (2wks), chicks (5 wks) and my pullets. My co-op in town only carries medicated chick grower, medicated game feed and layers. Back to Orschelns again. What did they do back in the 'olden days'?? [​IMG] Just feed them scratch??
    Thanks for replying SoJo.

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