Not "new" but kind of new....


7 Years
Mar 1, 2012
West Virginia
I've had chickens for a few years now but I relocated. My mom kept the chickens so I'm starting over. Are there any breeders in West Virginia or near by? Thanks!

I found one very kind and helpful lady that has a few I'll buy some from! Was hoping if I tried other forums maybe I could find someone :)

It's so new for me! I'm from Reno Nevada. I'm still getting use to it
Wow, now that's what I call, relocated.
You will have winter now. Probably chilly by now in fact. Not as much snow as we get here though. Good luck on getting chickens. Make sure you don't hear sniffling, or coughing coming from the chickens. And kind of take a look around at the place you are getting them from. Look clean? Don't want to take home sick chickens. I have done that in my past, my very beginning of owning chickens past. Good luck, and have fun. Come back here and have fun making friends. It's a great forum!

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