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Mar 24, 2020
New Jersey
A friend of mine wants to get started with chickens because he LOVES our eggs. He wanted me to create a book of everything he needs to know and do. That’s how I got started. I’m acually going to give him this website so in case he has questions. But my Plan is to give him the general rules. He lives in PA and he wants chickens for eggs. I was thinking about breeds and came up with RIR, BO, PR I was thinking More Winter Hardy egg layers. I don’t own RIR, I own cuddly chickens because I got them for cuddles😭. Hes Not very Handy so Building or getting a shed and adding stuff wouldn’t work so I’m not sure what a good well protected online Coop would give. What are your ideas on advice and information I definitely should tell him? Stuff he should know.
Hello and a very belated welcome to BYC! :frow Nice to meet you.
Most people who are not handy have friends that are. I would strongly recommend converting a shed into a coop and make sure that he puts in plenty of ventilation. That does not mean teeny tiny holes drilled into the walls with little louvers on them. It means ventilation in the terms of as close to one square foot per bird of permanently open ventilation that you can get. That's very difficult to get in a cold climate and keep drafts off of roosted birds unless it is in a walk-in style coop.

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