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Donna Ritter

Jun 20, 2022
Hi. My name is Donna. My husband and I are both retired. We started raising chickens in the back yard 2 years ago. We have 17 chickens in 2 coops. We have 2 roosters, both Cochin, and 15 hens. The hen breeds include 5 Cochin, 2 Rhode Island Red, 3 Black Star, 3 Black-lace Wyandotte and 2 Turken. I love raising chickens because we have the eggs and can share them with family and friends. The chicken's are fun and each one has a different personality. Right now, I don't have other hobbies. We live at the edge of a small town in Montana and are surrounded by family members. We also have 3 small dogs and a cat. I was previously a member of BYC but didn't sign in for a long time so couldn't recover my membership. This is the first time I have introduced myself.


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