Not ready for ducklings.


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Sep 5, 2015
Chalfont, PA
Can someone please help me. These 3 beautiful ducklings hatched today.
Yes? Provide duck crumbles and water. Mama should do the rest. Small low bowl of water - like a french onion soup crock - just deep enough they can dunk up to their entire bill and face.

Waterfowl starter crumbles from the feed store.
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Each duck is different. Drakes are known to kill ducklings. Even, sometimes, a mother duck will, but yours seems to be doing a fine job, and that's great.

Starter crumble would be best - I think the Mazuri pieces would be too large and pose a choking risk for the littles. Can you provide a dish that only momma duck can reach for the Mazuri?

There is a sticky on Raising Ducklings. It is focused on brooding them yourself, but much of the information can be helpful even with a momma duck.
Do you think I should separate them? They are so cute climbing and pecking at their mom. Dad looked in to see them, but he stays outside the house. I'm excited, but scare. Tomorrow I'm going to the feed store to get supplies. I did not think she was going to hatch any ducklings, she had laid eggs 3 other times with no ducklings.

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