Not roosting on their perch

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    Nov 19, 2015
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    I have 7 pullets, 14 weeks old. They were using little what I called training perches in their brooder but since moving to the coop they have not been sleeping on their perch. Instead they kind of just lump all together on the floor in the corner. I had chickens a number of years ago and I don't remember any perch issues. I built a coop, put them in there and as far as I remember they just used the perch. This coop is roughly the same design as that one. Perch the same height and size. I know they use it occasionally because I can see some stains on it from droppings but every night they go in and just dog pile in the corner. Aside from this they seem perfectly happy and healthy. Is this something to be concerned about? Will they eventually get the hang of it?
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    Jan 4, 2012
    I wouldn't worry about it.....its new to them.... =)
    there still young, and probably feel safer in a pile...
    I raise silkies...and they usually just pile up...
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    Ditto mustangs advice.

    But you can 'train' them to use the roosts by putting them on there well after dark for a few nights.
    Use both hands to hold their wings down, get their feet firmly on the roost,
    then slowly let go giving a little steadying pat on the back...talking softly all the time.

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