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May 22, 2017
Bethel Park, PA
I have 3 chicks that are 6 weeks old. They moved into their coop last week and everything has been great! I read that I should block off the nesting box at this phase so they they don't learn to hang out in there. My solution was to stuff it with sheets we don't use. Tonight I checked on them after dark and was surprised not to see any of them in there! After looking closer I saw a tail poking out from under the sheets. They all crawled under there to sleep! They have 2 roosts that they aren't using...should I be concerned or appreciate the cuteness?


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Jun 23, 2013
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I'd enjoy the cuteness, ha ha. I've got 4 BO that are 11wks, they still don't use their roost :( preferring to sleep in the corner of their enclosure. They're still in my "brooder" at night and spend their days out in my "tractor". I figure in time & ready, they'll sleep on the roost? DSC03979.JPG DSC03977.JPG


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appreciate the cuteness :lol: but keep working on keeping them out. you could make them a place to snuggle on the floor of the coop for now. If they were hanging with a broody hen they would be still trying to get under her if they could.

:welcome from San Diego.... by the way...


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Jul 3, 2016
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Young chickens often have to learn to roost, so assuming you don't have any older birds around for them to follow, it might take them a while to figure it out.

You can also try placing them up on the roost once it is dark since chickens can't see well at night and so they'll likely stay up there, and they might get the hint after a few days. Or you can try putting a lower practice roost bar somewhere, even at an angle is fine, where they can easily climb off and on so they can practice sitting on a bar.


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Feb 2, 2009
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My brooder raised chicks often do not start sleeping on the roosts until 10 to 12 weeks of age. I've had some start at 5 weeks, some take a lot longer than 12 weeks, but 10 to 12 weeks is a pretty good average. Some people like to force them but unless they go a lot longer I don't see the benefit.


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Nov 27, 2012
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Welcome to BYC!

Yeah, it's good for a chuckle...but....find a more effective way to block the nests.
It's bad habit that's best to break now.
They will be fine on the floor until they move to the roosts.

I have a hinged board that covers my 4 nest bank and the perch in front of it.
Easy to flip down an hour before roost time then back up when I lock up after dark.

But I have layers so can't cover nests full time like with a first batch of chicks.
You could just staple/screw/nail a big piece of cardboard over the entrances...
....depending on the configuration of your nests.
Post a pic of them if you want help coming up with an idea.


Mar 22, 2017
My flock was just over two months old when we finished the coop and put them in it. For the first week, they slept on the floor and then magically, one night, they all went into the coop and they ALL were on the roost bars. Not sure why they suddenly decided to use them but now they always use them.

I've read on here that they will use them eventually but sometimes takes awhile, especially if your birds are young. As long as your roost bars are higher than your nest boxes, they will eventually figure it out.

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