Not so new to fowl!


Mar 17, 2018
So I have to go back some 45 years when I raised my first chicken. It was more like 100 meat birds trying to save a buck at the dinner table.

I turn a young 70 this week and thought I would buy myself a birthday present of dozen pullets. 6 leghorn, 3 Rhode Island reds and 3 golden star. Probably more than I need but figured on attrition.

Looking forward to raising and caring for them and of course using the eggs. I am in the planning stages of the chicken coop and have plenty of room. Also have some critters that would just love to make them a meal so can’t really let them be free without me being around.
Happy early Birthday wishes. :celebrate I turned young 70 in July. You might also enjoy the thread "The Old Folks Home." you don't have to be old to join. Just a very nice group of thoughtful and supportive folks - like most BYC threads. Topics change by the minute, so if you just wait a bit, you can add something new.
Welcome aboard to BYC family gr8 people tons of information loads of fun enjoy shake your tail feathers :jumpy

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