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    Hubby has been bugging me to get chickens for a long time now. I did some research and finally said ok. I think having 6 or 8 free range birds would be nice. And free range eggs are so wonderful! However, I have always been an animal person and I just don't want to slaughter them. They would be more like pets with benefits in my eyes. Well hubby wants to get 25 or so every year then kill off all but a few. So we would have about 6 or 8 after he was done offing some. He wants meat and eggs. I was 'considering' letting him slaughter the hens that were getting too old to produce, but to just get so many chickens and kill most off every year kind of grosses me out. He thinks what will happen is, he goes out chops off heads and I do the rest. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN MATE! If he wants to kill them, they better come to me looking as they do in the store or I am probably not going to be able to eat them. I know I am a bit of a hypocrite. I can eat meat as long as I haven't had a personal relationship with it. Anyway anyone convince their other half not to slaughter? How do you do that?
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    When I first started dating my now husband 28 yrs ago I thought the same thing and did get grossed out a couple of times.I was the city girl and he the country boy. We purchased a farm 12 yrs ago but have only had animals for about 9. In the beginning it was really tough for me but as time has moved on it's like 2nd nature. So just give yourself time. I have two daughters and they help with butchering and taking care of the animals so don't sell yourself short in time you'd be surprised at what you can do.
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    All you have to do is show him what it costs, on a home scale, to raise those chickens to slaughtering size and he will probably not want to waste that money. I figure the chickens that we slaughter are running about $30.00 per pound. LOL Actually, we only butcher out the Roos that are too agressive towards the other chickens or towards people. When my wife and I started this little adventure we only wanted 2 or 3 girls. Then we started taking in chickens that people had to get rid of. Now we are at 79 on the ground and more in the bator and brooder. I have butchered out many animals over the years but my wife does not care for it either but she agrees with me to butcher out the ones that are being ugly. Has he ever plucked a chicken before? I would let him have his little flock seperate from yours. Let him feed and care for them. Then when he wants to butcher them, let him. Along with plucking them, cleaning them, wrapping and freezing them. Then let him figure out what it cost to do all that and then see if he ever wants to do it again. Most people talk big until the time comes, then they can't do it. After taking care of them for that long they usually get pretty attached. Best of luck to you.
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    Thanks for the thoughts. Especially about calculating the costs for raising them. Hubby likes to come up with very expensive ways to save money. Thats what this was supposed to be, a way to save money. His dad used to raise chickens and rabbits for meat. He also had a goat for milk, and a couple of pigs. But the way my father in law and husband are talking, I don't think this is going to be a money saver. I don't mind having chickens for the girls to take care of and watch, but offing droves of chickens every year is icky to me. But maybe I'll get used to it. [​IMG]
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    If you want them coming to you like they look from the store, best get some cornish x meat birds instead of using tough old spent hens you decide not to keep for laying. Those are good for soup and VERY VERY slow cooking.
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    Quote:No convincing here I merely told husband

    1. they are my pets
    2. they will lay for you as long as they can and then they will have earned retirement
    3. you will sleep on the couch for eternity if you harm one chicken

    That was enough to end any discussion of eating my hens. [​IMG]

    Buy some meat birds, no name, no petting and such...7 - 8 weeks later butchering them and keep your layers seperate.
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    Oh yes, the couch thing works every time. [​IMG]

    I haven't gotten any chickens yet but I'll be getting layers. I still think it's logical to eat them for their meat when they are no longer capible of producing eggs but I know myself too well for that. I'll fall in love with them and keep them around forever and ever. Unless it's one of those cranky biting chickens. If so then, right into the oven with you missy! lol

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