Not sure how to handle our new chick situation


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
We have an initial flock of 17. In April one hen went broody. The kids begged me to let her hatch out some chicks. I couldn't say no anymore because my own curiosity about the process got the better of me. LOL Out of six, one died and one lived. The rest did nothing. Now we have mama and her lone chick in a separate coop. I had already placed an order in early April for delivery next week of 15 more chicks. I am pretty sure that trying to give those new chicks to mama hen to raise will result in disaster. Could I just take the original chick and place it with the new ones so that I can have them all in the same coop and return mama to the flock? If I can't, I am afraid my only other option is to keep the new ones in the house. I would hate to have to have three separate groups of chickens.
I don't think there is an absolute answer to this. Your mama might surprise you and accept the chicks. If the mama and one chick are not with the flock I'd put them there, for sure; I always have my mamas raise chicks in with the flock -- but then, so far, my mamas have protected the chicks well.

Worst case is you'll have to keep some separate until all are about the same size. Good luck!
The baby chick is two weeks old now and we expect the new chicks between the first and the third.

I am kind of afraid to put mama and the chick in with the rest. At least not into the coop locked up. It is kind of touch and go when they are out and about with the rest. It would be fantastic if we could get mama to accept the new chicks.

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