Not Sure How to Raise 3rd Batch of Chicks


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So I'm trying to decide how to raise my 3rd batch of chicks. The first time I ordered day olds from McMurray Hatchery. I had them on my front porch (until they were ready for the coop) and I handled them a lot so they were very friendly. The 2nd batch of chicks I let a broody sit on, hatch and raise herself. Everything went fine except the new chickens are now not very friendly. They run away from you and if you touch them they have a fit!

What I am thinking of doing is taking a broody and putting her on my front porch (like I did with the first batch of chicks) and letting her hatch and raise them there where I can easily handle the chicks. However, I have two main concerns with that method. They are:

The chicks won't be outside with the mother hen so the flock will not see the mother hen or the chicks and adjust to the idea that there will be new members to the flock. When I go to introduce them all together I am afraid that the flock will kill the chicks and the mother hen.

The front porch is obviously more sanitary then the coop. When I introduce the chicks to the coop (with the rest of the flock) will they become ill because they were never exposed to such bacteria. Or will having the mother hen on the porch with the chicks be enough exposure to bacteria that the chicks will build up immunity.

Any advice is more than welcome!! Is there anything I didn't think of? Will this work? What should I do??

Thank you!!!!
If they are enclosed in a protective cage I don't see a problem with it.

I noticed that when I let me silkie hen raise the chicks they were afraid of me even though the hen wasn't. I guess they just realized they should only trust their mama.
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Just my 2 cents - it's better for the chicks to be exposed to the germs that the adult flock has. It's how they build their immune systems. Theoretically they'll get exposed to the same germs as long as they are with mama, but I dunno, I like knowing that my broody raised chicks are with the flock; being exposed left and right.

I also feared that my broody raised chicks wouldn't be as friendly as brooder raised ones. However, I've taken the time each day to offer the mama and chicks some treats - crickets and mealworms - when the rest of the flock is not around and it's made a world of difference. Now that the babies aren't even with mama full-time but they come running when they see me. They are eating out of our hands and don't mind so much being handled.

IMO, broody raised chicks in the coop with the rest of the flock is the way to go.

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