Not sure if intestines or if unabsorbed yolk sack.

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Hello, me and my family have been incubating 4 eggs (that have survived through the incubation process) and three have hatched, two of them no problem, but the other one so far has either intestines sticking out or an unabsorbed yolk sack.
    I've already done a bit of googling around and from what I can see it's most probably the yolk sack, but I wanted to ask on a thread anyways. We believe he is having trouble standing because of it and cannot stand up on his own. The sack-- intestines, whatever it is was getting pecked at by one of the other chicks inside of the incubator, so we got it out of the incubator as soon as we saw it getting pecked at. Luckily, it's not bleeding out because of the pecks, but it doesn't seemed to have absorbed much at all yet.


    Does this look like an yolk sack that hasn't been absorbed yet to you guys? Hopefully it is so, and it will live through the next couple days.
    Regards, and thanks.

    Edit*: This is our first time incubating and we're a bit nooby at it, and don't have the answers for everything, though this first time went pretty well, except for this one chick.
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    Well, it is too late for this situation. But you might want to check out the incubating with friends Road by Sally Sunshine. It includes a great note section on the first page with tons of information

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