Not sure if it fits here about different breeds getting along


13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Annetta Kentucky
So i will be getting a bunch of eggs this week with the intent of starting my own by flock. Do you think this breeds will get along.
Bantams: ameraucana, cochins,
standard size: buff polish, frizzles and silkies
which are the best agg layers out off those.
They are mostly picked because they a great ornamentsl birds but i also want some eggs of course and the surplus will be to butter up the neighbors:)
It depends alot on the strains(bloodlines). Best thing will be to raise them together, do not seperate. Alot of times, when a flock is raised together, they typically get along fine. Just keep an eye out for the "excessive" bullies and then figure out what to do with those.

Only time will tell. Keep them together, unless they start hurting one another. I think they will be just fine.


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