Not sure if this is where to post? Where are the Lemon Millefleur Sablepoots?!


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Jul 13, 2022
I had a lovely Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot hen that I had hatched from a breeder about 10 years ago. She was the only one to hatch out of 6 eggs shipped to me (displaced air cells). I LOVED that lil hen! And I’ve been searching endlessly for more Lemon Millefleur Sablepoots, I cant find any! Anyone? At all???
That breed name is amazing! Pics?
I would have to do some digging to find pictures of my lil Beatrice. I’m one of those people who adore taking pictures, I have almost 93,000 on my iPhone and had to purchase more iCloud storage. Twice lol. But you can google them. They look similar to the Belgian D’uccles. They come in multiple colors (I love the lemon Mille Fleur) and they’re non bearded. There may be other differences that I’m not aware of. I had only my lil Beatrice to go by. And I had a few Belgian D’uccles too. But my lil Beatrice was such a sweetheart. You can google them. Maybe someone else on here has pictures?

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