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I ran across this chicken song on the net the other day and I thought it was the chicken dance everyone knows but it wasn't. It has a good beat although I can't put the music here, I thought I would share the words with ya. It is called The Chicken Song 1952

Cockadoodledoo bless our ole hen
she lays eggs the best she can
somtimes 9 and sometimes 10
cockadoodledoo bless our ole hen

Our ole red hen was on her nest
she tried too sleep but couldn't rest
the rooster came home baggey eye
and our ole hen stood up and cried

I ain't gonna take this sitting down
I ain't gonna take this sitting down
While I'm sitting her hatching white and brown
You're out scratching round the town
and I ain't gonna take it setting down.

She said don't say you been alone
to make my feathers in your comb
If you don't have an alibi
you gonna see some feathers fly
I've heard it said while on the loose
you made the spot w/ clara goose
from all reports of how it looked
you tell that goose her goose is cooked

I ain't gonna take it setting down

She said if I weren't such a stoop
I'd of have a mink lined chicken coop
but everything I have is in hock
I shoulda went with that plymouth rock
you know one nite while you were out
I met a talent scout
He loves my walk he loves my cluck
He's starring me with donald duck

I ain't gonna take it setting down

you roosters out there don't you laugh
you just can't fool your better half
you mark our word, you'll see the day
when your ole hen will up and say

I ain't gonna take it setting down

You needn't hang around too please
stop handing me that chicken feed

Cockadoodledoo Bless our ole hen.
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