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Jun 15, 2021
Out of my first flock (6 chickens), I wound up having 4 Roos that I rehomed. The next week I introduced 2 new hens (same age) to flock at night inside coop. (On separate nights)
One of the new hens quickly became “the head” and everyone is getting along quite well for about 2 weeks.

I just noticed this evening the other new hen is starting to lose weight and has lost some feathers around her eyes and has a little bald spot on her face? I’ve checked the coop and ALL 4 hens, NO MITES/LICE.
There also was some runny/chunky red poop inside of the coop, but I also gave them half a watermelon yesterday.

Could she be getting bullied that I’m not seeing and they’re not letting her eat? Me and my kids are always by them and never see it happening??
Or could she be sick??

Another question, the new “head hen”, the breeder I purchased her from said she had just started laying. I’ve had her for 2 weeks and she hasn’t laid one egg? She’s a little over 4 months. Do they just stop laying sometimes? I wouldn’t want her to get egg bound?

-first time stressed out chicken Mama here 😅

adding some pictures,
-the poop isn’t as red now
-first picture is of Maran that I’m worried about. (also includes the “head hen” Easter egger (brown), that seems she is losing feathers by her eyes too??)
-my black silkie also is losing some now, first time I’ve been able to get close to her today!

(blue egg is faux for EE)


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Jun 15, 2021
Can you post some pics of the bird in question, and also get a pic of the next poop? How old are the birds?
Yes I will go grab some! They are all 15 weeks- 4 months. I also forgot to mention, for the past 2/3 days they’ve been wanting to stay IN the coop instead of going out into their run. The weather has also been dipping for the last week. High 80s -low 90’s during the day then getting down to 60’s at night.

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