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Apr 28, 2014

I bought these chicks 2 months ago from a local feed store. The lady there informed they were Blue Leghorns and are rare so she is not sure how they ended up with them. I am not familiar with the leghorns at all. I have contacted a local hatchery and asked for their opinion on what I have they are not 100% sure either. They informed me they look like Light Brown leghorns but with the lobes being brown, the can not be sure since they should be white for leghorns. They were bought for egg production for personal use so I do not care what breed they really are, as long as I can expect some good laying from them. I bought 3 of these girls and 3 Golden Comets. They also are not the smartest/friendliest birds. They have been handled daily since 1 week old and are still very skittish as were the comets love being with me. They will also run the fence to get out with the comets instead of going through the open gate and I usually corral them by the gate until they realize where they need to go to get out. Thank you for any input and help you can offer to helping me properly identify these girls.


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Jul 24, 2013
They might just be leghorns that haven't developed their white earlobes yet, or they could be Welsummers. Either breed is a great egg layer.
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Maybe they have a little Game Bird mixed in them. Some GBs look like Welsummer and Brown Leghorn. It could be the lighting but they look a bit too dark to be Wellies. I am leaning more toward a Brown Leghorn or a mix and that they are still too young for their true earlobe color to be seen.

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