Not sure what is wrong with our chickens

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    We are newbie chicken parents and got our 3 chickens (2 Barred Rock and 1 Red Star) in June when they were 10 weeks old. Once they started laying we were pretty much getting 3 eggs a day, especially from our Red Star. A week or so ago we noticed one of our Barred Rocks wasn't as lively as she used to be and that she seems to be having a poop's sticking to her rear end. She also seems more plump and has become broody. We don't think she's laying at all anymore. What could be wrong? Is it treatable? We think our Red Star isn't laying much anymore too.

    We live in CA and had to cover more of their run area due to all of the rain we have been getting (it became very, very muddy), Thank you El Nino!!! It's made more of their run dark but they still an area they can go to get sun (when it's not too cloudy). Do we need to worry about the area being darker now? Could that have an issue on their laying?

    Appreciate any insight!!!
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    If your barred rock is broody she will puff up her feathers and make a cluck cluck noise, she will stay in the nest all day and poop once a day unless you chase her off, so if she's sitting in the nest she might have poop sticking to her feathers, clean or trim her up and break her from her broodiness by putting her in a wire bottom crate for a few days. Hens stop laying when they are broody and won't resume until a few weeks after she stops being broody.

    A lot of hens become sporadic layers in winter and you will probably see it again when it gets really hot as well.
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    We live in Hilo, HI, El Nino gave us MONTHS of rain, It was miserable weather. The past couple weeks has been sunny but the yard is still mushy. I had put clear plastic over half of my mobile run, tarped the other half.


    Winter months (shorter days) effect hens laying, and I'm sure with all the rain comes very cloudy & gloomy days [​IMG]

    As for your "broody" hen, oldladylikesdogs is right on.
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    Do you understand what "broody" means? First of all, it's unlikely your hen is broody. It's more likely that the short days have interrupted her hormones. But there is also a chance she may be sick. Fluffing up is one of the ways a chicken tells us she doesn't feel well.

    What does the poop look like, besides sticking to her rear? Is it thin, watery, and white with green bits floating in it? Dark and runny? A picture would really help.

    Observe this hen during the day. What is she doing? Does she sit in a corner or next to a wall facing inward? Does she walk or stand with her tail held down low? Is her crop empty in the morning before she's fed? Full at night when she roosts? If her crop is full in the morning before she eats, she may be sick with sour crop. If it's empty right before she goes to bed, it could be impacted. Either way, it would mean she's sick.

    I would bet she's just taking a break from laying until the days get long enough again. But you need to rule out illness.
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