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I have a young brahma, that isn't doing well, looks like it lost a bunch of feathers on her back end and around her belly, and she is walking like she is in discomfort, almost like she doesn't want to out pressure on the bottom of her feet. Now the bottom of here feet dies look like they are caked with dirt or possibly poop, but the coop is clean and I tried soaking her feet and it was not coming loose. And thoughts or suggestions? If I can I will get someone to help take some pictures for me
Pictures would help. She may have had her feathers pecked out by other chickens, unless she is starting a molt. Try to look for any bumblefoot (swelling, redness, and a black dot on the footpad) when you get them cleaned. Chickens can get poop caked on their feet so bad that it almost turns to concrete. There is also something called foot pad dermatitis that comes from standing in droppings (more common in caged birds.) Here are a couple of links to help you:
I've been trying to soak her feet in warm water to clean up her feet, but it doesn't seem to want to come off, I wonder if I wrap her feet and put some hibitaine cream if it would soften up??
And I will try as soon as I can to get pictures
Epsom salts is an inexpensive and common product to use for soaking feet, and it will reduce inflammation as well as get the crud off and be soothing. Hibitaine looks like hibiclens or chlorhexadine, and will disinfect the feet.
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