Not sure what to do.


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11 Years
May 2, 2008
2 of the 4 Polish crested chicks(mixed batch) I picked up at the local farm store have died. They seemed fine, then started getting more listless until they expired. I did some research and thought that maybe thier vents had gotten clogged, so to make sure this didn't happen to the others, I've been keeping them clean and using vaseline. Now, I've noticed that a third, a Sultan is headed down the same path, yikes! I'm not sure what to do, I haven't had this happen before. I'm hoping someone can send me in the right direction, thanks!
i am not sure what you meant by 'vent clogging up '..pasted butt ?? if so, you would be able to see..clump of large dried poo stuck on chick. without knowing more, there could be many reasons to dying chicks. please dont take this the wrong way, but are many who do not realize chicks need, heat, food and water..maybe if you check off what you are doing correct..realizing maybe something was forgotten will narrow down so someone can help you out better..some chicks die for unknown reasons, some pick up illnesses that are overlooked, hoping someone can help you out.

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