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    Dec 9, 2008
    In April, my parents, brother and I all got chicks from the same place. They have all been raised the same as far as I know. We have all fed our chickens the same things. My parents and my chickens have been good layers since sometime in August. I have about 35 and my mom has about 25. I get about 2 1/2 doz eggs a day and mom gets about 1 1/2 doz. They have provided us much entertainment and we have had no problems with them as far as sickness or growth.

    My brother has about 20 chickens from the same group. We bought all of these chicks together and just counted out the number that we wanted from the group after we got them home and took them to each of our homes. My brother has yet to receive an egg. His chickens don't seem sick, they may be a little smaller than ours, but otherwise look okay.

    Any ideas as to why he would not have received any eggs yet when ours are laying so well? Also, do you think there is any hope that they will start laying?
  2. Any chance his are laying secretly in a hidden place? If they free range or can get under something anything is possible. I once found four dozen eggs under a shed. Grrr.
    Good luck to him.
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    Are you sure he didn't pick all the roos? LOL just kidding but I don't know, the more experianced people can help you!
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    Are they eating them? I thought my Old English were not laying til I realized if tI didn't get them as soon as they laid them then they ate them in minutes. I am at the end of my ropes with them, I have to watch out the window half the day to try to catch when they go in to lay or I get no eggs from thier pen at all.
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    maybe his are needing a deworm? if they are a bit smaller and they aren't reproducing it's a possibility. he should offer them calcium like oyster shell.
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    Dec 9, 2008
    They are not free ranged. They have a coop and run.

    Could they be eating that many and not leaving any signs of it. I will tell them to check closely. They are next to his house and if his are anything like mine, I don't know how they wouldn't hear them when they layed.

    Today I was out with mine and 3 hens layed an egg at about the same time, and my goodness what a bunch of carrying on. All of them clucking at the same time, one of my roos even got in on the clucking. It was so funny.

    We are just at a loss as to why mom's and mine are laying just fine and his haven't started yet.(if that is the case and they are not eating them)
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    Feed could be the problem. Calcium won't encourage them to lay but protein is needed for their bodies to develop. Not much calcium is needed if they aren't producing eggshells. Is he feeding them a different food? Any chance your brother has been feeding laying feed, weeks before they needed it? Does he allow them to go without feed part of the day? Are they in a larger flock and competing with older birds?

    Decreasing sunlight will inhibit laying. Are some of you using lights in the coop?


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