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    I'm hoping someone might be able to help me shed some light on what is happening with my chickens. A few days ago, one of my oldest hens, a 4 year old RIR, started acting off: standing off by herself and looking all "fluffed up". I brought her into the house, put her in a dog crate with a potty pad, layer crumbless, and water. I also offered dried meal worms for some extra protien. I gave her some probiotic/nutrient powder (Rooster Booster) in her water too. She drank her water, but never touched any food. She had horribly stinky diarrhea. I searched through my animal medicine cabinet, and found 5 days worth of Metronidazole that was prescribed to my hen a year earlier, before we found out she had Marek's. I know that Metronidazole is a good GI antibiotic, so I thought it couldn't hurt. I was able to get one dose in her, and unfortunately, the next day she passed. I figured maybe she picked up an intestinal virus, (which the vet thinks might have happened to one of my other hens in the past, similar symptoms) or that she was an internal layer. She wasn't bloated, though. She had no signs of anything respitory, and up until the day I brought her into the house, seemed to be eating, and foraging. Well, today, while working out in the yard, I noticed that one of my Silkie hens, 1 year old, was standing off by herself, all fluffed up. I watched her for a bit and noticed that she kept flexing her bum. I thought maybe she was having issues with an egg. I took her inside, and soaked her in a tub of warm water for about 15 minutes. I cleaned her up, dried her off and put her in a crate, with water, layer feed, meal worms, and even some scrambled eggs. I brought her in around 3:30pm. As of now, she hasn't eaten or drank anything, and now she is panting. She doesn't have diarrhea, nor does she she show any signs of respitory problems. Her stomach is not swollem either. She has not laid an egg since I soaked her either. I only have three Silkies, so I know what eggs are from them. Today, I got two regular Silkie eggs, and found the remains of another that seemed to be soft shelled. (like a deflated balloon). I'm thinking that one may have been hers? I'm not sure if both my RIR and my Silkie hen have the same thing, or if they both are having their own issues, just coincidentally at the same time? I've recently put sand in the run, but it was purchased at Home Depot. Most of the sand was play sand, which was cleaned, but some of it was paver sand, and I'm not sure if that was cleaned like the play sand. However, I have used paver sand in the past, with no problem. Of course, we are going out of town tomorrow, but will be back Sunday. I can keep her crated while I am away. Does any one have any idea what could be wrong with either one of the hens? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I have an update. Max, my Silkie, seems to be doing better. She is eating and acting alert. This morning she passed an egg that had the "deflated balloon" type shell. So, I know that the one I found yesterday was hers too. Does this mean there is a problem? I know that I have found eggs like this on occasion before, but noone ever seemed ill. I think I am going to go ahead and put her out with the other chickens while I am gone, since she seems to be doing better. If anyone has any advice about this, I would really appreciate hearing it [​IMG].
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    I hope that was the problem and it's over.
    If you've had one chicken with Marek's, it's possible to have another-if you ever do.
    I hope this was not, and she stays well!

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