Not sure why but, my hen, who was happily sitting on 6 eggs has kicked 2 out and has stopped sitting


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May 22, 2012
I have a beautiful pair of Birchens, and the Hen has laid 6 eggs, and started sitting on them. Yesterday, I noticed she has pushed 2 out of the nest, and stopped sitting on them... is it possible to take them now and incubate them? or is this normal for hens to do this?
I havent had a broody but nomrally they leave the nest to eat or drink and poop but they dont kick eggs out if there gonna set on them. I would take those eggs warm them back up and candle them to see if there are babies in there she might have deiceded they were bad eggs who knows but they could still be alive
Thank you.. I guess I really don't have anything to lose by trying... I'll let you know if I am lucky or not...
I have read a good bit about this, and the wisdom seems to say that the hens know when the eggs are not viable, and kick them out. They can tell by the lack of movement, and later, by the lack of sound from the babies. I think I would trust and respect your hen's judgement. She is smarter than we are, in this job.
That makes sense...they are the eggsperts after all... today I noticed she has laid more eggs...I am going to just let her do her thing and see what happens. Thanks for the advice, all...much appreciated!!

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