Not sure why my chick died...can anyone help?

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    May 25, 2012
    Hey everyone! I have had my chicks for a week today! I came home with three but early this morning one pass away. I can't figure out what was wrong with her and I'm hoping you can help! Wyatt started breathing heard on Wednesday but she was still active and running around so I wasn't too worried. Last night when I got home from work I cleaned their house and everyone seemed fine. Before I went to bed I checked on the ladies.....Wyatt wasn't very active and just screamed bloody murder when I picked her up. I sat holding her for awhile and she didn't try to get away once...just laid in my hands. When I went to bed I made her a separate little bed and put her on my nightstand with a heating pad underneath to keep her warm. She squaked a few times but never moved. A little after midnight she passed. I tried looking up what could be wrong but I wasn't having much luck.

    Here were her symptoms:
    -She was breathing really hard and fast...her whole body moved when she took a breath. At times it almost sounded like she was wheezing.
    -she stopped opening her eyes
    -loud squaks like she was in pain every now and then
    -she would not stand up on her own
    -she didn't poop the whole time I was holding her or when she was in her separate box...about 4 hours

    Does anyone know what could have been wrong! I wanna be sure it's not contagious or if there is anything I can do to prevent the other two from suffering the same fate! Thanks!
  2. I am so sorry to hear this, i am not sure what has happened, sometimes they have weird enternal organ structures, i lost 2 chicks this year aswell [​IMG]
    First of all you need to do a BIG clear out of the brooder, in case of any germs.
    Secondly make a fuss of your other two 'ladies'.

    You must also decide now whether you want to get a new chick, because if you do, get one asap so it does not interfere with the pecking order....

    Hope it all goes ok....Enjoy your other 2 ladies

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