Not the best hatching year.

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    Out of the 57 eggs I set (I had 5 hens go broody at different times) this year, I got 6 chicks. Out of the first batch, I had 4 of 13 hatch. The rest were not even developed. I had two want to set in the same place, so I gave them 15 eggs each, side by side. By the end of their time, they had 4 rotten eggs left between the two of them. They managed to break all the rest. This time I had two setting in different places. The most diligent one didn't hatch any. The other one who got off her nest at least twice in the beginning and couldn't find her way back to them managed to hatch out two. (I gave one baby to each mama to raise.) If I get another broody, I'm going to get fertilized eggs from a neighbor and see what happens. I think my rooster just wasn't able to keep up with all the hens. He and several of my hens got snagged by something (I'm thinking coyote) on Monday, so hopefully two of the six babies I got this year are roosters. There is always next year...
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    Can totally relate- you live and learn-- out of 8 plus 6 eggs we have 3 alive and well(am told that the new chick, #4, "disappeared")...
    I learned that my second broody, while she sets well is too docile and needs to be seperated out (the first broody was fine)....

    We will see next year as well.....
    ALthough I guess there is still time before the first snows for another set or two.... if the hens are sooooo inclined....

    So sorry to hear of your losses..... except for the fact they eat eggs if they find them (my fault, they get a fresh whole egg in their chow 3 times aweek so have developed a taste for them)-- my dogs do a great job of keeping predators at bay....

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