NOT URGENT. predator attack 5 minutes ago!


Jul 23, 2020
Western Massachusetts
If you're like me dusk is a scary time to be a chicken keeper, dusk is predator time the time they attack. So my little sister's prized rooster wasn't in the coop, neither was our Crevecoeur! Our Crevecoeur hasn't been returning to the coop so we weren't worried. We found the Crevecoeur right where she always is. Then we heard a squawk! We ran to the woods, but there was no sign of Fluffbunns the silkie rooster! After looking for 5 minutes I had assumed the worst, we had lost a chicken. :( I was freezing because I had run out of the house in a t-shirt. I was heading back inside when my dad said "I found him!" my immediate response was "Is he alive" my dad said "yes!" I asked, "Is he squawking?" my dad said "I think so" no immediate injures, but as we brought Fluffbunns inside I lifted up his wing to find a bite. He is ok, but I just wanted to remind you to count your animals before going inside after locking them up!

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