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    We have 6 new hens and a new cock (who will be dispatched today....first time to do this so should be interesting) who are in quarentine in a very spacious area of a barn. I put in a ladder type wide root for them against one wall but they never use it preferring to sit on the straw on the floor all night. I thought chickens instictively wanted to get as high as possible when settling in for the night? The people we got them from had a simple ladder roost on the floor about 6 inches off the ground. Have they just gotten used to being down low? They're about 1 year old.

    Will be interesting to see what they do when we integrate them into the existing bunch who roost very high up in their coop. Half on the floor and half above? other question please? I have 4 nesting boxes which will have to be shared among 8 hens. Is this enough?

    Thanks guys.....
  2. I have been told to figure 1 laying box for 4 hens.

    Once you integrate your birds, I figure that once accepted into the flock, you will see them roost with the other birds.

    By "being dispatched" do you mean the Roo is headed to the Pot?[​IMG]
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    I imagine you're right that they are just used to sleeping down low. The roosts need to be plenty wide for them, like the wide side of a 2x4.

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