Not Your Average Temp Question for Chicks


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Sep 30, 2007
Jacksonville, ORegon
My chicks are now 6 weeks old, and have been living out in their large hen house for the last two weeks. Inside (the 8x10 room which is their coop) I have set up cardboard walls and a low ceiling, so that their heat lamps could keep the warm close in...a transitional brooding area, if you will.

Nowadays they spend much of the day no where near the lamp (though they do always sleep under it at night). With night time temps around 32 degrees, I realize the heat lamps are still necessary for many more weeks. But, during the day??? Do they need the lamp on during the day? Typical day time temps are high 40's of late.

When do I turn the lamp off during the day, and when is it OK to turn it off at night. Age 12 weeks would be my guess. Your thoughts?


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May 7, 2007
Forks, Virginia
Brian, I think they need the lamp a little longer. When the days are getting up near 60 you can turn it off during the day. With day temps in the 40's you risk their getting a chill which could lead to illness.

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