Notes from The Homeland (Three)

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  1. Supreme Emu

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    Jun 8, 2010
    At a distance, a one-year old emu looks like an exclamation mark. A couple wandered across the house-clearing just an hour ago.
    Two friends have reported seeing this season's chicks – 'about the size of a chicken,' they said.
    Whether it's usual or not, my three birds remain in Constant Drama Mode – 'gone stupid' is another reasonable way of expressing it. Greedy the emu has been walking sideways for so long she may never walk straight again. I wonder whether their instincts are at odds with their gluttonous greed for wheat.
    Gluk-gluk-glukking still begins at three in the morning, and when I walk to the river at dawn, as I hitch to town, I hear wild emus gluk-glukking in the bush around me.
    The devoted lover of Nature kneels to adore the yellow flowers growing in patches around the farmhouse. Certain uncaring emus kneel also among the pretty yellow flowers, and methodically rip them off their stalks and swallow them.
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  2. chickenzoo

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    Like the "Gone Stupid" expression... hehe. Right now my males are starting their grunting, they grunt at anything, walking and grunting, grunting in corners, grunting at the mini bull. When they get frisky they start their running and jumping sideways, falling on the ground, flailing their legs and rolling on their backs, jump back up and go 90 to noth'n again, all the while their head and neck contort in different ways. It truly looks like they've "Gone Stupid'. [​IMG]

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