Nothing can go my way! *Prayers needed*

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    First off my mother dies on Oct 12th. So two weeks ago hubby wins Pen tickets fourth row from the ice...awesome seats..and of course it is Nov 12th the one month anniversary. Today we are going to the Ohio nationals so i feel a little happy, now I just see that my "neighbor's" (I live in the sticks so they are about 1.5 miles away) house or barn is on fire. They are sort of next to each other. I cannot see the whole road is blocked off all I can see is that the whole structure is on fire through the woods. I just want to cry! My mom and I walked passed there quite often and talked to the old couple who live there. They are in their 80's the woman is blind and very hard of hearing and her husband is not better. My mom and I could not believe that they lived by themselves!! I just have this feeling that if it is the house they did not make it out. Then to top it off Sunday is my mom's birthday. I pray that it is the barn or that they somehow managed to get out, since it started at almost midnight i fear they were sleeping.
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    Prayers heading your way.
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    Prayers for you and your neighbors. I have an elderly neighbor that I keep an eye on.Luckily her daughter lives right next door to her,so we all keep an eye on each other. Hugs for you!
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    Well I just got home and drove past, luckily it was not the old couple's house, but it was someone else's. It is completely gone there is not even a partial wall left, I feel so bad they lost everything. I am not even sure if there were any injuries or if they got out I missed the news and when I looked online there was nothing about it yet. I cannot imagine losing everything I own in a fire. It was still smoldering pretty bad, I hope they had insurance, it was a pretty old house and they never appeared to have much money.

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