Nothing is more fun than chickens and kids!!!


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Aug 12, 2008
My 7 year old Grandson LOVES our roosters. We were preparing for our first show at the Parish fair in Natchitoches, LA. We were planning to take our Rhode Island Red Rooster but noticed that he had 6 points on his comb instead of 5. We at first thought it would disqualified but later realized that he would not be disqualified but it would count off. Later my daughter asked my grandson if we were going to be showing RIR rooster. He emphatically said no. He had heard us say that they would take points off and he said NO ONE was messing with the comb of his rooster!!! He also did not appreciate the rule that the chickens had to stay from Wednesday to Saturday. He felt that his roosters needed to be with their hens...after all he has business to take care of with them...


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Mar 8, 2008
Eaton, Colorado
That is such a sweet story! My 13 year old son is scared of my chickens

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