Noticed some runny poop...


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May 14, 2011
Smoky Mountains
Maybe like anything else, their poop isn't always the same, but thought I'd ask. There was some brown runny poop in the coop today. My wife chose to feed them leftover corn that had previously been in some pretty buttery liquid. She spooned the corn kernels out of the tupperware and put it in the ground. That was about 24 hours ago. Also, because my leghorns haven't laid in a week (after probably laying what was already in production when I got them), having read about it in another thread, fed them some crushed red peppers to induce laying again. Is it likely one of these two things caused the soup butt? Or should I be worried....
Could it be cecal (ceceal) poo you are noticing?:

Warning: link contains actual pics of chicken poo
What gritsar said above...and it sounds like you just got them. The stress of moving can sometimes put them out of production for a couple of weeks or more.
Yeah, very new to this. Great poop link! I believe you are right, they are Ceacal. So much to learn...I'll be saving that poop page to my favorites! Hahaha!

Thanks again
IMO, monitoring their poo is the one of the best ways to get indicators of flock health; along with feather condition and the brightness/clearness of their eyes.

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