Now I know why people dont go to college


10 Years
May 9, 2009
I have decided to go back to school after 25 years........I filled out the fafsa papewrwork and got sent in with a reply that I was eligable for finacial aid,
I was so all excited.....I got some papers in the mail from the college I am planing on attending stating the papers and things I need to to to complete my registration I called to make sure what I need(you know kinda slow here)the nice lady in the admissions department said ALL WE NEED IS YOUR TRANSCRIPT FROM HIGHT SCHOOL..........I brought them to her and personally hand delivered it to her........registration was yesterday(1/5) so I called to make sure what times they were going to be there and how long I should ecpect to be there,the nice lady again in admissions(same lady) 8-7 AND ABOUT 2-3 HOURS........
cool I can work all day and still get there in time to get registered.........I get there go to the admission office the nice lady(different lady) gave me some paperwork and sent me to an advisor in another building,the nice man put me in several classes stating THEY ARE GOOD TEACHERS FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVENT BEEN IN SCOOL FOR thats just what my remedial self needs,Im thinking the he sends my to finacial aid department......I wait in line 45 minutes(still doing good on time as fas the 2-3 hour window goes) the nice lady calls my name and I step to the counter,she asked for my ID number and says how can HOW CAN I HELP YOU? this is where the problem starts.she gets on her computer looking and grabbing papers putting them in a pile the wirting things down etc. the turns to me and says,WE NEED THESE PAPERS FILLED OUT AND BROUGHT BACK TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION
I told her the nice lady in admissions told me that everthing was ready to go she said MABY ADMISSIONS IS DONE BUT THIS IS FINACIAL AID NEEDS FOR THAT OBAMAS FRIENDS I left and came home and took the day off to take the necessary paperwork to them.......sign in and wait 30 minutes the nice lady(different lady in finance office) calls my name and HOW CAN I HELP YOU? I tell her what I need and I give the papers she gets on her computer and says THIS E???(cant remember) NUMBER HAS CHANGED FROM THE TIME YOU DID THE FAFSA UNTIL NOW AND HAS GONE UP WITH THAT I CANT FINISH GETTING YOU IN THE SYSTEM TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION,NOW IF THE E??? HAD DROPPED IT WOULDNT BE A PROBLEM AND SHE COULD CONTINUE,HOWEVER I CAN T COMPLETE THE PROCESS UNTIL SHE(guess her supervisor)UPDATES THE DATA ON MONDAY
I just walked out and have to wait until monday and waste another trip
Feel your frustration, but, no trip in this context will be a "wasted" one

I decided to go to University at the ripe old age of ** and I start my final semester next week. The time has flown by and I don't regret a moment of it. Hopefully, the fact I have done this will be an inspiration to my 16yo & 17yo sons.

Good for you going to college! Bear with this frustration part, your journey is only just beginning
Welcome to the world of Bureaucracy. Frustrating isn't it. Some big businesses are as bad as some government stuff, especially internally between departments. I could scream at some of them when I was working.

I can understand where some of this comes from. They have very detailed requirements to try to reduce fraud. If the procedures are laid out properly and are closely followed by everyone, then the process should go smoother. That is a pretty big IF.

If an employee follows the procedures laid out to them exactly they can't get in trouble. It's when they go out of their way to help people that they exceed their job description and get yelled at, maybe even get bad reviews tht keep them from getting a raise. Bureaucracy is not set up for innovation and it is not for everyone. Just because I can understand it does not mean I'm happy with it.

My son recently applied for and won a scholarship that will pay for his entire Master's degree. He started early, did everything he was supposed to do, and there were still last second emergencies. Faxes and e-mails were flying at the end. Most of the people he was working with were as helpful as they could be, but they were bound by rules. Do you think some people would be happy if he got the scholarship instead of them and it was found out that someone broke rules to help him?

If you can fight through the frustration and keep you cool, it will probably be worth it, but yeah!!!!! This is a family forum so frustration is the word I'll use.
There can be frustrating moments. Even after you start there will be times when you think it just isn't worth it. But, stick with it. When I started college, I was halfway through when I got married and started a family. I was in my 30's before I went back. It would take me three years to finish. I just told my self that those three years were going to pass whether I was in school or not, and it was up to me to determine if I was going to have my degree at the end of it. I completed my degree in Business Management eight years ago.

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