Now I'm worried.... Are these ones Americanas?


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May 7, 2009
These 3 will also be 4 weeks old Thursday. Please tell me, they are Americanas. Also, their little legs are the pics they look green. Pictures enclosed



EE's sorry but, yeah

I'm not sure so hopefully someone with more experience will help you out.
I bought my EE's at a feed store. They were sold as "Araucanas." They come pretty close to Ameraucanas.
I have searched the internet and found info here at BYC.
I must say "I LOVE MY EE's!"

From what I have read EE's are more colorful (or come in
a lot of colors.) I read that EE'S lay more eggs than true Ameraucnas. I can't swear that is correct but mine lay
nearly everyday. They are friendly & sweet.

Some folks don't know the difference between EE & Ameraucna or even know there is a difference. Sometimes it is not dishonesty so much as the seller is unaware of the facts. I thought mine were Ameraucana. Now I realize they are most likely EEs.
If you're in wondering if its an Ameraucana or EE it's probably an EE.
EE are way more common than pure Ameraucana and those with pure Ameraucana usually know what they have.
EE's...feed stores almost always sell ee's as "aracaunas"...that's how they sold me mine, but I knew what I was getting, and I wanted ee's...they are EXCELLENT layers!!

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