Now THAT is scary!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by debilorrah, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Quote:me either, but that is what co-pilots are for, and most likely, you wouldn't even know until the plane landed.
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    that happens just doesnt know about it.[​IMG] sad tho.[​IMG]
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    Last time I was flying a passenger passed out and the flight attendants actually did call for a doctor over the intercom. The man sitting in front of me turned out to be a Dr and took care of the lady that passed out. I thought that only happened in movies!
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    Quote:No, that happened on a flight DH and I were on. There supposedly, were no doctors on board, so DH, an EMT, was the best they could do. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Atlanta (where else?) and we got the whole amazingly steep fast landing on some remote part of the airport with an ambulance running alongside...... It delayed our flight by 4 hours!! The old lady didn't make it, but I thought given what was wrong with her she shouldn't have been flying! Do people really not realize that flying does have an impact on your body??

    Anyway, I later learned that doctors don't want to step up in cases like that because an EMT can just hand the patient over to EMTs on the ground but a doctor supposedly cannot?? I thought they were protected by the Good Samaritan Act, but the turn over piece had never occurred to me.

    I'll bet those passengers never had a clue.

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